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Paws By The Lake

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Paws By The Lake is a pet resort, daycare and clinic in Avon Lake, OH, that totals 27,662 square feet. A custom metal building by Star Building Systems was chosen for its gabled framework which allows for the architectural pitch of a colorful standing seam roof, while the ease of construction was of true value for the builder on this project.

The Star Building Systems builder, general contractor and steel erector for the project was Star, Inc., Amherst, OH. The architect was Star Architectural Group/John Reyes, Amherst, OH.

Using more than 24,000 sq. ft. in MBCI’s BattenLok HS Colonial Red on the roof, this pet resort also utilized split face masonry and EIFS over a metal stud infill for the walls. Due to the versatility of BattenLok HS, allowing panels to be applied over purlins and wood sheathing, the builder was also able to apply 4,879 square feet of panels over the conventional wood framed section of the project.

All walls for this project were open for masonry and other conventional construction. Support members were applied at the eaves and along the gables for attaching the masonry and framed construction to the Star structure.

This project utilized conventional vinyl faced insulation in the roof, while exterior walls used conventional 3 1/2” fiberglass insulation. Masonry walls were all foam filled and the interior walls included a combination of masonry foam fill and fiberglass sound batt insulation. The sound batt insulation was specifically installed for sound-deadening more than insulation value, although it added tremendously to the energy efficiency of the project. One hundred percent outside air was required for adequate ventilation, therefore the HVAC system included an energy recovery wheel which reclaims heating and cooling into the system before exhausting it outside.

This project, while being an indoor animal kennel, is also a dog daycare and resort. The high-end kennels are designed with their own streetscape, so each dog has their own storefront. Each dog suite is 8’ x 8’ and includes a television monitor with sound so the owners can see and talk to their dog from a remote hookup. All suites include a bed, chair and wall mounted cabinet. Some of the suites include a lake view. There is also a place for cats at the dog resort, with 35 cat condos featured.

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