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Ron Cleveland Construction Co. And Keller Williams Realty

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Ron Cleveland Construction Co. LLC, a Star Builder, wanted to show potential customers how versatile a custom metal building by Star Building Systems could be when constructing this office facility in Beaumont, Texas. The beautiful 11,526 sq. ft. office building houses Keller Williams Realty, as well as the construction company’s own headquarters. The facility was designed to withstand a 130 mph wind load.

There are three main sections to the project, creating a “U” shape. The entrance has an 8’-0” overhang at three sides with cedar siding at the soffits that matches the window trim and exterior column wraps. The overhangs at the gabled ends of the entrance have two hip frames, each attaching below the roof line to create a Dutch-type hip condition. The endwall sections above the hip roof lines were designed to create a “mission” style look.

Star designed valley beams on two roof planes of this project. The purlins were designed as cut and attach to these beams with open areas below. The roof planes were designed to accommodate false dormers with sheeting and trim provided by Star to match the Galvalume Plus, 24 gauge BattenLok HS roof panels, by MBCI, that were used for the roof of the facility.

Guardian Building Products provided 6” thick insulation that was applied under the roof deck. The ceilings were insulated also to create cooler attic space.

Ron Cleveland Construction Co. LLC served as the Star Builder, general contractor and erector for the project. Architectural Alliance Inc., also located in Beaumont, Texas, was the architect.

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