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Taking just a year to complete, the Springfield Striping facility in Springfield, MO, is one of a kind, with an all glass front.

Totaling more than 43,300 square feet, this facility utilized Star Building System’s StarShield standing seam roof system. Two Star structural framing systems were used on this project: SMT and SSB.

The office portion has an inset front with full glass on three sides. Combining a mezzanine not made by Star with the Star pre-engineered building made for a complex structure. Tying in the glass system further complicated construction.

A Star pre-engineered structure was chosen for this project due to overall cost effectiveness, engineering design and construction time.

The Star Authorized Builder is Morelock-Ross Builders in Springfield, MO. The Steel Erector was Burk Erectors and the Architect was Butler-Rosenbury & Partners, both located in Springfield, MO.

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