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Steve Anglin’s home and shop in Otto, NC, utilized Star Building Systems framing, Dura-Rib Roof and Wall Systems, along with conventional construction for the interior. The project, taking a little over a year to complete, is made up of 6,000 square feet for the home and 1,900 square feet for the shop.

The roof system is Star’s Dura-Rib in Stone Gray and the Dura-Rib wall panels are in Seal Brown. The structure utilized Star’s SRHI structural system.

The Star Building Systems authorized Builder is R.L. Wright Construction, Inc. in Sylva, NC. The Architect is Eric Townson, AIA, in Murphy, NC. The project was completed in July 2007.

About Star Building Systems

Star_Building_Systems_logoStar Building Systems is a manufacturer of custom-designed metal building systems. For more information, visit www.starbuildings.com.

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