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Knox College Academic Art Building

Star Building Systems Plays Pivotal Role In Creation Of Award-Winning College Art Facility

The Knox College Academic Art Building features 29,950 sq. ft. of space situated on two floors for the studio and art history departments, accommodating recent growth and bringing together disparate campus functions. Situated at the northern edge of the campus and configured around a new plaza, the building develops a new connection between central campus and downtown Galesburg, IL. Metal systems from Star Building Systems figured prominently in the facility's construction.

The project consists of three non-symmetrically gabled buildings and two smaller single-sloped connector buildings. The two smaller buildings separate the larger buildings by 20’-0”. The roof slopes of the larger buildings are 36:12 and 2.5:12, creating an extreme off-set gable effect. The walls of the buildings were designed to be open for metal stud framing, exterior gypsum, moisture barrier, 4” rigid insulation, cascading thermal clips, hat channels and three types of wall panels: PBU, PBC and Battenlok HS roof panels.

The Battenlok HS roof panels were field bent at the side-wall and lapped with the same panel for the side-wall condition. The PBU and PBC panels were used on various end-walls of the buildings. The roof system consists of 24 gauge Battenlok HS panels with zero standoff clip system on top of ½” plywood, 5” rigid insulation and 22 gauge acoustical B-deck, per the State of Illinois Energy Code compliance and LEED certification. The two smaller buildings' roof systems utilized EPDM roofing over ½” plywood, tapered rigid insulation and 22 gauge acoustical decking.

Some special treatments include skylights being installed in the each of the three steep-pitched portions of the roofs and the walls having large openings for glass. The interior has exposed metal everywhere possible per the architect. A few small areas used reclaimed brick street pavers and reclaimed wood siding for a stunning contrast to the metal. Sliding doors serve as sun-shading devices by moving with the changing seasons. The mezzanine runs throughout the buildings with openings for exposed metal stairwells. The feeling is open and bright with connectivity indoors and out.

This project by P.J. Hoerr Inc., located in Peoria, IL, was voted Master Builder of the Year in Star Building Systems’ 2016 Master Builder Contest. This contest is held every year and the winner is determined by a vote of employees selected from the corporate office to review and judge the entries. In addition to serving as the Star Builder, P.J. Hoerr Inc. was the general contractor and erector.

The architect was Lake-Flato Architects Inc. The project began in October 2015 and was finished in October 2016.

This project was unique in the fact that Star was deeply involved during the pre-construction phase. Members of the Star team worked closely with the structural engineer, architect and owner through details.

This project is on track for Gold level LEED certification. BattenLok HS roof panels were provided by Star. PBU and PBC wall panels in Galvalume Plus were supplied by MBCI. Mezzanine bar joists were manufactured by New Millennium. Skylights and roof curbs were supplied by another source.

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