Chariton Valley Telephone

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Chariton Valley Telephone uses this new 18,000-plus sq. ft. facility in Macon, MO, to house their corporate offices. Incorporating Star Building Systems’ SMT Structural System, the facility utilized 18,274 square feet of Star’s StarShield Roof System and 6,068 square feet of StarMark Wall System.

Along with Star’s pre-engineered building, the facility used conventional construction on the front and retail entries. The builder also used Petersen Aluminum's 12” flat concealed soffit and facade panels for this project. In conjunction with the Star pre-engineered columns, the exterior exposed portion of these columns was wrapped with 24” and 30” diameter Petersen Aluminum column covers and masonry.

The builder chose a Star pre-engineered structure for this facility in part because of the size of the structure. Also, it was necessary to have a standing seam metal roof on the finished project. After completion, the facility needed to have open space above the finished ceiling line for HVAC, electric, plumbing, etc.

Special features on this structure include: a storm shelter, safe room, spandrel glass above the front entry and special spilt faced block. This structure also include a lean-to for the covered employee entrance.

Star’s Authorized Builder is L & J Development, Inc. in Moberly, MO. The Steel Erector was J.D. Builders and the Architect was Columbia Associates, both located in Columbia, MO.

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