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Infinity Meat Solutions LLC recently opened a 200,000 square foot meat-packaging facility, developed with an estimated investment of $100 million. With the majority of the facility being earmarked for cold storage, Metl-Span’s insulated metal panels served as a major component of the project.

The new facility, located in North Kingstown, RI, began operations in February 2021 and generated more than 700 new jobs in Rhode Island’s food manufacturing, supply chain and distribution sectors. More than 303,000 square feet of Metl-Span insulated metal panels (IMPs) were required to complete the project.

“Insulated metal panels provided an economical and schedule friendly method for achieving the structural building envelope, thermal breaks and washdown finishes,” says Tony Graves, project manager at Dennis Group of Springfield, Mass. “The exterior color pattern selection and use of vertical and horizontal panels created a unique appearance for the building; the look of the final design and color of the main office area and entrance created excitement with our client and was a change from the industrial box deign so common in the food industry.”

It's not easy to design a large cold-storage facility that is cost-effective, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. However, over 303,866 square feet of Metl-Span insulated metal panels helped achieve those goals.

Four distinct panels were used in the design. Metl-Span panels specified and installed included the CF45 with a 26-gauge exterior panel with a Light Mesa finish (187,2276 square feet); the CF42 with a 26-gauge exterior panel with a Light Mesa finish (72,424 square feet); and the CF45 with a 26-gauge exterior panel with a Mesa finish (23,665 square feet). Those panels all had a 4-inch urethane core and a 26-gauge interior panel in Igloo White. The façade of the office entrance was the CF24A, with a 22-gauge exterior panel in a Custom Green and an Architectural Flat finish. The interior of the 3-inch-thick panel was a 26-gauge panel in Igloo White.

“It was our goal to create a simple, but eye-catching design that supported our client’s brand identity,” Graves says. “We wanted a practical building envelope that would work seamlessly with our established food production facility design practices and still give us the freedom to be creative with the pattern and custom colors. At large production facilities like this, it’s easy for visitors to lose a sense of direction when on site and the colors and geometry of the main office help guide them into the building. The façade design creates a unique sense of place that visitors and employees alike can associate with our client’s brand and product.”

Controlled Environment Systems LLC, of Mansfield, MA, installed the insulated metal panels.

“Insulated metal panels made sense because a large portion of the project was cold storage,” says Mark Busharis, Project Sales Engineer at Controlled Environment Systems. “Metl-Span was the panel of choice because of our relationship with Metl-Span and the architects had Metl-Span as one of their specified manufacturers.

“I think the office area was the most unique detail, as three different bright green colors were used in a horizontal alternating pattern.”

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