Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino And Resort

Metal Sales Mfg. Corp.

Exterior metal wall panels from Metal Sales™ blend modern performance with a vintage look at the newly renovated Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino and Resort in Deadwood, SD. The original building was once a gold ore and slime processing plant for the Homestake Mining Company in the early 1900s. Now wrapped in metal wall panels, the landmark structure is restored to its historic beginnings.

The metal facade of the Mountain Grand shines against the slopes of the Black Hills, just as it did when it was newly constructed in 1906. The revitalization project features 560,000 square feet of 26 gauge, 2.5” Corrugated, galvanized metal panels to achieve the vintage aesthetic. No additional finishes or colors were used, in the interests of allowing the exterior to age naturally over time.

The Mountain Grand renovation not only returns the plant to its former glory, but also offers modern resort luxuries to its guests. Visitors can enjoy the Mountain Grand casino in a city that once reveled in the riches of the gold rush and continues to provide cultural and economic value today. The corrugated metal facade deepens the experience of Deadwood’s colorful past and present for resort goers.

“Despite working during a harsh South Dakota winter, the project ran smoothly with the help of Metal Sales’ excellent sales and technical support team,” said Bob Heibult, Building Division Manager on the project. “Metal Sales once again delivered a high-quality product. The sales team helped us identify the metal wall panel we needed to duplicate the building's original early-1900s aesthetic.”

The Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino and Resort was completed in April 2013. The project team included architect Lund Associates Ltd., Rapid City, SD, general contractor and installers, Heavy Constructors and Gustafson Builders, Rapid City, SD.

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Photography courtesy of Rushmore Photography.

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