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Posted: Aug 18, 2016

AXYZ PANELBuilder Helps Growth Of East Coast Metal Systems

East Coast Metal Systems, Inc. (ECMS) is a full-service fabricator and installer of engineered architectural metal and exterior envelope systems. Through the years, the company has purchased multiple PANELBuilder Systems manufactured by AXYZ International. PANELBuilder, a CNC router with a user-friendly software system, is designed to process large volumes of cladding material quickly and efficiently.

Posted: Jul 07, 2016

Snow Management Solutions For Standing Seam Roofs

Of all the metal roofing options available for residential roofing, metal standing seam is the best-selling. Standing seams are not only unique in appearance, they’re also unique in the fact that attaching anything to them can be tricky in that you don’t want to penetrate the roofing material. When you’re looking for a snow management system that’s ideal for standing seam roofs, Alpine SnowGuards offers a variety of solutions.

Posted: Jun 02, 2016

Solar Reflective Coatings - A Cooler Way To Build

Anytime you look at a new building, whether it’s an impressive skyscraper or a quaint residential home, the architectural scheme and exterior aesthetic is often the feature that first captivates our attention. Although the exterior beauty is important, the functional qualities of materials used to build a structure are just as vital to both its short-term and long-term success, especially when it comes to sustainability and reducing energy consumption.

Posted: May 05, 2016

Roll Forming Advantages Compared To Press Braking

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Samco Machinery doesn’t work with a crystal ball, but the company’s experience helps customers make important decisions justifying the migration to outsource roll forming vs. in-house brake forming.

Posted: Apr 07, 2016

Swenson Shear's SnapTable Takes Metal Roofing Contractors To New Levels

For decades, tools from Swenson Shear have been used by metal roofing contractors to improve the quality of their workmanship, while saving time and labor costs. Today's metal roofers are finding that Swenson Shear's SnapTable tools can take their businesses and projects to new levels.

Posted: Feb 18, 2016

BIM: What It Is And Why Roofers Should Care

Back in the mid-1970s, a bunch of very clever people got together and tried to define procedures for exchanging information among Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems in the aerospace industry. The intention was to reduce costs by defining something once and reusing the design data all the way along the design, testing, manufacturing, distribution and repair life-cycle of that product. It worked, with the same approach ultimately making its way to building design and construction.

Posted: Dec 17, 2015

Improving Solar Panel Installation Safety, While Increasing Productivity

There's no denying that solar collecting systems installed on metal roofs are gaining a great deal of popularity. Not surprisingly, safety is an ongoing concern for solar panel installers. Wood's Powr-Grip® addresses that concern by offering a variety of vacuum-lifting tools designed to improve worker safety, avoid property damage, and also increase productivity.

Posted: Oct 08, 2015

A Secret No Longer - Insulated Roof And Wall Panels Are Going Public

As the world becomes more and more eco-conscious, thoughts come to focus on a building’s ability to save energy, water, building materials, and money. The idea points to LEED certification, a stamp of approval that tells everyone that you, as a building owner, have considered all the above mentioned factors and you are one of the good guys of the world. A noble move, right? It is, but it’s much more than a righteous pat on the back. From this movement you get a lifetime of returns including lower energy bills, tax rebates, and possibly higher property values.

Posted: Jul 09, 2015

Kingspan Panels And Winemaking And Wine Storing Facilities—A Natural Pairing

Winemaking is more than a business. It's a cherished and celebrated art, from the nurturing and harvesting of the grapes, to the fermentation and aging that turn the lush fruit into liquid luxury. The precision required to produce consistent, quality wines extends to the buildings where they are made and stored. That's one of the reasons why insulated panels from Kingspan Insulated Panels are so frequently used in the construction of those structures.

Posted: Jun 11, 2015

For Aviation Enthusiasts, Schweiss Doors Help Make Dreams A Reality

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” The words are those of former U.S. Army officer, statesman and Secretary of State Colin Powell, but they can be applied to so many people who have displayed sweat, determination and hard work to make their dreams a reality. Take for instance five pilots who took the extra step to fulfill what many had dreamed of for years. They are but a few of the many Schweiss Doors customers who have used the company's bifold and hydraulic doors on projects others could hardly imagine.

Posted: Apr 16, 2015

The Development Of KINetic™: How And Why It Was Created

For both architectural professionals and students alike, there's no better way to connect with the individuals and groups that can benefit your career and educational endeavors, along with learning and mentoring opportunities, than KINetic™. Created by Kingspan Panels—North America, KINetic is the only social media platform designed to bring together students, architects, designers and Kingspan professionals to collaborate, discuss, and share architectural ideas.

Posted: Apr 09, 2015

Price, Simplicity And Performance Behind Growing Popularity Of Reflective Insulation Products

During the past few years, more and more companies have found the solution for keeping the desired temperature inside their buildings while keeping energy cost down. The solution is reflective insulation products. Reflective insulation products are gaining popularity for their energy savings benefits, ease of installation and competitive pricing.

Posted: Mar 19, 2015

New McElroy Metal Recover Systems Are Price-Competitive With Single-Ply

There are acres and acres of metal roofing systems, many up to 50 years old, which have recently become in need of some maintenance. Building owners looking for quick fixes have some inexpensive and temporary options. But now, thanks to the innovative minds at McElroy Metal, there are now some long-term options that allow metal roofing installers to compete with roofers who can only offer short-term, non-metal systems.

Posted: Mar 12, 2015

Focus On Diversification And Customer Needs Leads To Samco Machinery’s Success

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - To succeed in today’s competitive world, those who conduct “business as usual” may be left behind. Samco Machinery, a manufacturer of rollforming equipment for multiple industries, completed the transition into its new plant in 2014 as well as a new way of doing business. Diversification is clearly a key to Samco's success.

Posted: Feb 12, 2015

What If The Golden Gate Bridge Had Been Hot-Dip Galvanized?

An iconic landmark known worldwide since its opening in 1937 is the 4,200 foot-long main span Golden Gate Bridge, connecting Fort Point in San Francisco to Marin County. The Golden Gate Bridge was originally painted and has been continuously painted ever since, racking up huge costs. But what if all the structural steel used to erect the bridge had been hot-dip galvanized? Would that even be practical given the scope of the project?

Posted: Jan 15, 2015

With Good Reason, Metal Roofs Are Ideal For Today's Hotels

According to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 50,000 hotels in the United States, with more added every year. Due to concerns about rising maintenance costs, sustainability and branding, a lot of the new ones will wind up having metal roofs.

Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Tips For Better Understanding Commercial Energy Codes For Metal Buildings

Commercial energy codes for metal buildings are frequently misunderstood by many people, including industry veterans. In this article, Bill Beals of Therm-All Inc. shares some of his many years of experience with energy codes, focusing on four specific tips to make energy codes easier to understand.

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