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Posted: Feb 20, 2014

AppliCad’s New ‘Block-Cut’ Material Optimizer Saves Material and Time

AppliCad has led the world in waste reduction and material optimization in its software tools for metal roofing for over 20 years. AppliCad is continuously striving for even better results and forever fine tuning their software tools to further improve ease of use and provide greater efficiency. With that in mind, the company has announced its latest RoofWizard software enhancement: Block-Cut.

Posted: Jan 30, 2014

2014 Is The Time To Purchase Roll Forming Equipment, Grow Your Business

An improving construction market leads to increased confidence and that confidence leads to spending or investing. If you’re making a living in the construction industry, Bob Repovs, CEO of Samco Machinery, says 2014 is likely the year to grow your business through the purchase of capital, specifically, roll forming equipment.

Posted: Jan 02, 2014

RoofScreen Manufacturing Dedicated To Roof Leak Problem Solving

RoofScreen Manufacturing developed modular rooftop equipment screens to aid architects and contractors in the quest to improve building aesthetics. The company offers a variety of systems designed to mask unsightly rooftop equipment. RoofScreen often works directly with architects to match the aesthetics of the host building.

Posted: Dec 12, 2013

Englert Finds Niche Market In Collegiate Boathouse Roofs

When you first look at the typical collegiate boathouse, you’re likely to get a little confused. When we think of boathouses, we usually think of small buildings nestled against a dock and extended over the water. The truth of the matter is that most college boathouses look more like barns or large garages. And because of the kinds of boats they house and the types of crews that use them, more often than not they aren’t located right on the water—but near it.

Posted: Oct 22, 2013

Zinc Gutters & Trim: The Natural Way To Complement A Roof

Gutter systems and related architectural sheet metal trim can have a profound impact on both the functional & visual quality of the building exterior. Managing the runoff of any roof is a key strategy for keeping the building dry and façade clean. Enhancing the gutter system & trim with preweathered zinc can not only extend the durability and improve performance, but also provide a natural aesthetic that can’t be imitated by paint, pigmented stains, or metallic coatings.

Posted: Sep 26, 2013

Reynobond® Face Fastened Solution: Modern. Durable. Affordable.

Alcoa Architectural Products' latest installation innovation is a face-fastened ACM panel system utilizing the company's flagship product, Reynobond®. George Rosado, Commercial Director, calls it the perfect combination of durability, flexibility, simplicity and affordability that will inspire endless design possibilities. In this bylined feature for DesignandBuildwithMetal, Rosado describes in detail the system's composition and installation.

Posted: Sep 05, 2013

METALCON 2013: Helps You Build It Right, Earn Money And Enjoy The Process

Like many successful trade shows – METALCON International offers the best in new products and industry expertise – all available in one place for a limited time. What makes METALCON different is its approach to making it an enjoyable, valuable learning experience.

Posted: Aug 22, 2013

Addressing Condensation In Uninsulated Metal Roof Applications

Have you ever been under a metal roof that had condensation on the bottom side of it? It is quite annoying to have the condensation falling on you like rain. Worse, if the roof is over your shop, carport, barn or self-storage unit, you have to worry about what damage it is doing to the contents of these buildings. Ken Buchinger of MBCI discusses a product that addresses condensation.

Posted: Jul 25, 2013

Zinc Roofing: Good Design Means A Lifetime Of Service

Material selection directly impacts the performance, aesthetics and durability of a structure. A roof fabricated from architectural zinc (titanium-zinc alloy) may be the best metal value for many steep-slope applications.

Posted: Jun 25, 2013

ATAS International Celebrates 50 Years: Product Diversity And Teamwork Ethic Drive Company Forward

The road to success is not easily traveled. No matter its size or scope, a company will experience some bumps along the way that become challenges or opportunities depending on how they are managed. For ATAS International, Allentown, PA, its 50-year path has been driven by a consistent, positive attitude. Although ATAS is family-owned, its philosophy of hiring and training the best people regardless of family ties has developed a strong team ethic.

Posted: Apr 04, 2013

Metal Roof Trim: There Is A Better Way

In addition to speaking regularly with customers around the world, Ray Smith, managing director of AppliCad USA Inc. learns a lot from trade show attendees, including the ones he sees each year at the International Roofing Expo. Smith noticed technology everywhere at the 2013 show. The contractors he talked to did too. Many are keen to use it to help their businesses grow but aren't sure where to focus their efforts and resources. Smith has a suggestion.

Posted: Mar 01, 2013

Lightning Protection In The ‘Green Building’ Era

Nearly every construction project today incorporates measures for energy conservation and sustainability. Today’s project owners demand state-of-the-art “earth friendly” products and technologies for both the physical structure and the building systems. When working with earth friendly products and green technology, designers need to consider the unique threats that lightning strikes pose.

Posted: Feb 04, 2013

Metal Plus Roof Brackets Improve Rooftop Safety, Productivity

The metal construction industry has many success stories. Perhaps it’s because metal’s ability to adapt to different situations attracts creative, resilient people. It’s certainly the case with Mario Lallier, owner of Metal Plus LLC and creator of a line of innovative metal roof brackets. He never sought attention, but ironically his constant desire to find a better way to do things has helped put him in the spotlight.

Posted: Nov 01, 2012

ALPOLIC Is ACM Of Choice For Hyundai Global Sign Program

Hyundai Motor Group's U.S. dealerships are in the midst of being re-branded with new aluminum composite material (ACM) signage, in accordance with guidelines established as part of Hyundai’s Global Sign Program. It’s a five-year initiative that will involve 851 dealerships. The contract to fabricate the required ACM panels was awarded to Architectural Graphics Incorporated (AGI) of Virginia Beach, VA. The ACM material being used exlusively by the fabricator for the project is ALPOLIC ACM.

Posted: Sep 27, 2012

View From The Top: An Interview With S-5!'s Rob Haddock

Entrepreneur. Inventor. Industry expert. Educator. While one label or another might fit many in the metal construction industry, there’s really just one person to which all titles equally apply: Rob Haddock, president of Colorado Springs, CO-based Metal Roof Advisory Group and inventor of the S-5! Attachment technology.

Posted: Sep 05, 2012

METALCON 2012: High Tech. High Touch. Great Business!

Technology plays a key role in the 2012 METALCON International, our industry’s major annual event. It begins with the new mobile application that offers attendees and exhibitors a more efficient way to share information before, during and after the show. It continues on the exhibit floor with over 250 exhibitors’ metal products and services and in the live action demos that offer the latest solar technologies and the newest tools and techniques for metal roofing and walls.

Posted: Jul 26, 2012

Englert Metal Roofing Plays Well On 'Golden Pond'

C.O. Beck and Sons has been installing quality and attractive roof systems throughout Maine and Northern New England since 1920. As a fourth generation, family-owned and operated business, Beck understands the importance of long lasting roofs and the experience and craftsmanship that ensures sound and aesthetically pleasing metal roofs.

Posted: Jun 28, 2012

Superior Wind Resistance For Retrofit Roof Applications

With building code changes over the last decade or so, retrofitting existing buildings in coastal areas with metal roofs have become even more difficult and complex. The changes in code have dramatically increased the load requirements in the edges and corners of a roof - a challenge not easily met by most standing seam panels on the 5’ purlin spacing common in older buildings. There is an easy solution to these conditions.

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Roof Hugger Streamlines Estimating Process With AppliCad Software

Job takeoffs require patience, understanding of what is to be furnished and a lot of uninterrupted time to calculate the material required for the project. Such is the everyday routine at Roof Hugger, Inc. – an industry-leading manufacturer/supplier of sub-purlins and other materials for the reroofing of existing steel roofs. No software existed to assist with their estimating, until Roof Hugger’s Dale Nelson met AppliCad’s Ray Smith and Leigh Menzel.

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