Featured Projects: Municipal

    Atlantic City All Wars Memorial

    OGI Architectural Metal Solutions

    Beachwood Municipal Complex

    RHEINZINK America Inc.

    Bill Santucci Justice Center

    Arconic Architectural Products

    Canada Summit Centre

    DECRA Roofing Systems

    Cecil County Administration Building

    Star Building Systems

    Charles Clarke Square

    Arconic Architectural Products

    City Of Tucson Water Department

    Star Building Systems

    City Of Vancouver Salt Storage

    VersaTube Building Systems

    Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Bridge

    Cambridge Architectural

    Jackson Transit Authority

    American Buildings Company

    Lebanon Municipal Service Facility

    Star Building Systems

    Norm Dicks Government Center

    3A Composites USA

    Orange County Chamber Of Commerce

    United Structures Of America Inc.

    Roanoke City Market Building

    Sentrigard Metal Roofing Systems

    Sempra Utilities

    Metallic Building Co.

    Van Buren County Road Commission

    Varco Pruden Buildings

    Victory Plaza

    Cambridge Architectural

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